Bell Promo Offers $80/20GB ‘Unlimited’ Plan, Only in Ontario

bell $80/20GB plan ontario

Bell launched a new $80/20GB plan today, an “online exclusive” only available in Ontario.

The $80/20GB plan has a speed cap with download speeds up to 250 Mbps and unlimited data at reduced speeds, once you’ve exhausted your original 20GB of data.

The 5G plan includes hotspot capabilities and included unlimited calling, texting and data in Canada.

ontario $80/20gb bell

For $5 more, customers can jump to the $85/25GB plan.

We’re not seeing this $80/20GB “Essential 20” plan being offered in any other province other than Ontario.

As of writing, Telus and Rogers don’t have any matching plans to what Bell is offering right now. It’s unclear why Bell is offering this $80/20GB promo. It may be one way to convince customers the $85/25GB plan might be a better choice for just $5 more.

But flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’, Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus are offering $55/30GB and $50/20GB plans after $10/month credits for 24 months, which is a better deal than what Bell has on its website.