Telus EPP Price Increase Coming for Select Customers in April

The Telus Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) offers savings on cellphone plans and devices, a perk offered by employers as part of the program to their employees.

Some Telus customers on EPP plans have recently been notified on their March billing statements of an upcoming price increase in April, iPhone in Canada can confirm.

The price increases are affecting those on $50 plans with 20GB of data, with Telus saying a $5 increase to $55 per month is coming in April.

A Telus spokesperson confirmed with iPhone in Canada on Friday some EPP price increases are indeed coming, but for “a small number” of customers. These $5 price increases will be starting on next billing cycles. Telus says EPP customers “can take advantage of any of our in-market rate plans” on the company’s mobility website.

Have you been notified of a Telus EPP price increase for April? It might be time to check your billing statements.

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