New Viewership Report Shows Top 10 Most Popular Apple TV+ Shows, Including Ted Lasso

A new viewership report has surfaced regarding the top 10 Apple TV+ series. Thanks to JustWatch (via 9to5Mac), we now have a better idea of how popular certain shows are on the Cupertino company’s streaming service compared to others.

Out of the entire top 10 rankings, one thing is undoubtedly not surprising and that’s Ted Lasso‘s popularity. The wholesome comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis has just entered its third season. However, since its 2020 debut on Apple TV+, Ted Lasso has been a critical success. Throughout its run, the series has won 11 Emmy Awards. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see it land in the number one spot.

The results of JustWatch‘s popularity list show that Ted Lasso makes up 27.1 percent of the top 10 popularity. Other notable series on the higher end of the popularity rankings include Severance and The Morning Show. The former sits at number two with 19.6 percent with the latter at 11.8 percent.

A full rundown of the top 10 popularity rankings is as followed:

  1. Ted Lasso (27.1%)
  2. Severance (19.6%)
  3. The Morning Show (11.8%)
  4. Foundation (8.2%)
  5. See (8.0%)
  6. For All Mankind (7.9%)
  7. Black Bird (5.6%)
  8. Defending Jacob (5.4%)
  9. Slow Horses (4.9%)
  10. Servant (4.2%)

For many shows on the list, Apple has already greenlit additional seasons, capitalizing on their popularity. However, it’s interesting to see the breakdown of shows like See, Defending Jacob, and Servant, which have all concluded. Black Bird is the latest series to have begun on Apple TV+. The first season of the popular crime drama concluded on August 5th, 2022.

It’s certainly interesting to see a breakdown of Apple’s original programming since the company doesn’t necessarily highlight any rankings itself. Unlike Netflix, which quite frequently updates its Top 10′, the popularity of Apple shows is largely only inspired by word of mouth and critical reception.

Apple TV+ is available in Canada for $8.99/month