Apple Tickets for In-Person WWDC 2023 Sent to Developers and Students

Last week, Apple announced its annual developer conference, known as WWDC, is set to take place from June 5-9, 2023, at its Apple Park headquarters.

The iPhone maker also announced an in-person kick off event would take place, inviting developers and students to apply for tickets to watch the pre-recorded keynote stream at Apple Park.

On Wednesday afternoon, Apple started to notify developers and students of their application updates for tickets.

“Thank you for your interest in the WWDC23 kick off at Apple Park on Monday, June 5,” reads an email seen by iPhone in Canada.

“Although you weren’t randomly selected to join us for this one-day event, you can still start the week with the latest announcements on Monday. The keynote and State of the Union will be available to watch at the same time in the Apple Developer app and online,” explains Apple. Essentially, this is the rejection email you’re reading.

Wwdc 2023 email

But Apple gives a glimmer of hope, concluding, “If space becomes available, we’ll let you know. We look forward to an inspiring week of sessions, labs, and activities — all online.”

The email is signed off by the Apple Developer Relations team.

Apple was offering a limited number of free tickets for developers and student developers to attend the in-person kick-off event. With 1.8 million apps in the App Store, it’s likely a challenge to nab a ticket with so many developers making apps. That’s okay, it’s likely easier to watch the keynote at home in your underwear.

Apple is expected to unveil its anticipated headset at WWDC, in what is said to be the company’s next big thing (at a rumoured price of $3,000 USD).