Koodo Offering $45/30GB Promo Plan for Select Customers

Koodo website, April 5, 2023

Telus-owned Koodo is offering up some promo plans for select customers, in the form of a $45 per month plan with 30GB of data.

“Hey! You’re currently on a < 1GB data plan and pay $25 for it. Want something even better? We have a deal so good, it’s hard to hold in your excitement,” reads the Koodo text message received by numerous RFD users.

Koodo says two plans are available:

  • 6GB data and unlimited nationwide talk and text for $40/month
  • 30GB data and unlimited nationwide talk and text for $45/month

Customers can switch to the $40/6GB plan by replying “ADD” to the text message. Replying “MORE” will switch you over to the $45/30GB plan right away.

On the Koodo website right now, a plan with 6GB of data costs $45, so that offer only saves $5/month. The better offer is the $45 plan with 30GB of data, which obviously looks more impressive when it’s next to the paltry $40/6GB offer.

In the past, we’ve seen Koodo offer a $45 plan with 50GB of data and a free iPhone 11 during Black Friday, a far better offer but of course it only comes once a year.

These text offers usually try to get customers to spend more to increase their monthly bills, as that would increase average monthly plan metrics.

Koodo also says more details are available in its online self-serve portal while noting these offers expire on May 3, 2023.