Rogers to Start Talks with Other Carriers to Join TTC Subway Network

After Rogers acquired BAI Canada on Monday evening, thusly taking over cellular and Wi-Fi networks for the TTC subway, other rivals such as Telus and Bell were not too pleased control is now in the hands of one company.

Will Telus and Bell customers ever get TTC subway network access? At this point it’s unknown. But according to a Rogers spokesperson to iPhone in Canada, the company plans to “initiate discussions” with other providers to participate in the network.

For now, it seems only Rogers and Freedom Mobile customers will have access to underground TTC subway networks. At some point, it seems like a deal with Telus and Bell will be struck.

Rogers plans to build out 5G networks and also expand 911 network access, which is currently only available on station platforms, concourses and roughly 25% of tunnels. Construction of the new 5G network will take about two years with limited overnight construction windows, bringing cellular access to all 75 stations and nearly 80 kilometres of the subway system.