Special Fido Deal Offers $43/35GB Plan: Check Your Account

Fido website

For existing Fido customers seeking a new cellphone deal, you may want to check your online account for offers.

Right now, Rogers-owned Fido is offering up a $43 plan with 35GB of data that includes unlimited global SMS/MMS, plus unlimited minutes. Also included are the usual features such as call and name display, voicemail, call waiting, conference calls, and data overage protection.

A screenshot of this new Fido plan offer was shared by RFD user ‘geedizzy’ and other forum members confirmed they also saw the deal, but again it’s not showing for everybody.

Check out a screenshot of the offer below:

Image: ‘geedizzy’ from RFD

According to ‘geedizzy’, they were on a $35/20GB Black Friday offer, so this looks to be Fido’s way of gently pushing customers to a higher-priced monthly plan, in an effort to increase average monthly revenue per user metrics.

Back in August 2022, Fido was offering a similar deal for customers but it was priced at $45 for 35GB of data.

How can new Fido customers get this deal? It doesn’t look like it’s possible at all. This is one way for Fido to get existing customers to pay more per month (I guess the Shaw deal has to be funded somehow?). Fido’s website only offers up to 20GB of data and that costs $67 per month (it recently increased by $2/month).

You may want to log into your Fido account online and see if you have any special deals available. Share them with us in the comments below.