OpenAI CEO Quashes GPT-5 Release Rumours

While speaking at an event at MIT, OpenAI’s CEO and co-founder Sam Altman confirmed the company is not planning to release GPT-5 any time soon, The Verge is reporting.

OpenAI chat gpt 5

Altman was also asked about a recent open letter from Elon Musk and others requesting labs like OpenAI to stop the development of AI systems “more powerful than GPT-4.”

The letter was “missing most technical nuance about where we need the pause,” he replied. Altman added that OpenAI is currently not training GPT-5. “We are not and won’t for some time.”

“We are doing other things on top of GPT-4 that I think have all sorts of safety issues that are important to address and were totally left out of the letter,” he continued.

For those who missed it, the open letter, signed by Musk, Steve Wozniak, and dozens of other technology bigwigs, urges everyone working on AI to suspend the development of systems.

“Should we develop nonhuman minds that might eventually outnumber, outsmart, obsolete, and replace us?” the letter read. “Should we risk the loss of control of our civilization?”

ChatGPT hit 100 million daily active users in record time only months after its release, and AI ethicists have already raised concerns over its potential abuse.

Watch the following video showing Altman respond to the open letter calling for a 6-month halt on AI research.

YouTube video

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