Vaisakhi Promo from Chatr and Lucky Mobile Offers 4GB Data Bonus

vaisakhi promo chatr lucky

For those celebrating Vaisakhi, prepaid brands Chatr (Rogers) and Lucky Mobile (Bell) are offering up a data bonus for new activations.

Chatr says you can get a 4GB data bonus for 12 months on plans $35/month or higher, at 3G speeds up to 10 Mbps. All plans include unlimited calling and messaging.

The plans with the 4GB data bonus and auto-pay work out to the following:

  • $70/24GB
  • $60/19GB
  • $60/14GB
  • $40/9GB
  • $35/6.5GB

Lucky Mobile’s promo, unsurprisingly, is identical but the company says the 4GB data bonus consists of a 2GB bonus and 2GB when you register for Automatic Top-Up, only for 12 months.

The prepaid equivalent from Telus, Public Mobile, isn’t offering a similar promo but has a $40 plan with 15GB of data at 4G speeds, while SIM cards are 50% off right now.

Both companies say their promos end on April 17 (what are the odds).