Bell Launches Pure Fibre Internet in Leamington

bell pure fibre

Bell has announced its plan to extend its pure fibre Internet service to consumers and businesses in Leamington, Ontario.

As part of the company’s capital investment in next-generation network infrastructure, the expansion will offer all-fibre broadband access to approximately 7,000 additional locations in Leamington by 2024.

“We are proud to provide our pure fibre connection to over 7,000 households and businesses in Leamington. Now more than ever, residents require accessible, affordable, and reliable Internet connections for both home and work. Bell continues to fulfill our purpose of advancing how Canadians connect with each other and the world through our fully-funded investments in world-class broadband networks,” said Bruce Furlong, SVP Network at Bell.

Entirely financed by Bell, the broadband expansion program will deliver fast, high-capacity 100% fibre connections with Internet download and upload speeds of up to 3 Gbps, alongside access to premium Bell services such as Fibre TV.

“We are pleased that Bell is investing in Leamington by expanding pure fibre Internet service to thousands of our residents and businesses. Fast, reliable Internet is essential for our community members to operate businesses, work remotely, and access crucial services such as healthcare and education,” said Hilda MacDonald, Mayor of the Municipality of Leamington and Warden of Essex County.

A recent comparison of fixed broadband internet in Canada by Opensignal found Bell fibre and Telus fibre internet dominating in most regions across the country, in terms of download speeds.