Freedom Mobile Promo Offers 100GB Data Bonus Again

freedom mobile 100GB extra data

Quebecor’s subsidiary Videotron is now running Freedom Mobile and with it are ongoing plan perks and changes.

Earlier today we told you how nationwide roaming data has expanded to cheaper plans, while also getting a data bonus on select plans as well.

Now, Freedom Mobile is offering up a 100GB data bonus when customers purchase any new phone on an unlimited data plan on a two-year term.

The company says to get the 100GB data bonus, you need to activate a new MyTab line or complete a hardware upgrade on an eligible plan, in this case, one of their unlimited plans that start from $50 per month with 20GB of LTE data.

This 100GB data bonus is not available for existing customers who upgrade through My Account, says the fine print, while the extra data can only be used on the Freedom Network. The one-time 100GB data kicks in once you’ve exhausted your monthly data each month and does not replenish. The extra data remains as long as you’re an active customer and you keep paying your MyTab balance.

Now, this 100GB data bonus from Freedom Mobile isn’t new. It was first offered back in November 2018 during Black Friday and was called the “Big Binge Bonus”.

Nearly a year later, Videotron offered the same 100GB data bonus on their new “Zen Plans” at the time, and now we’ve apparently come full circle with this data promo idea.

It’s unclear if Rogers, Telus or Bell will be offering up a 100GB data bonus like Freedom Mobile, but for now, it seems the latter is doing everything it can to retain its wireless customers from thinking about competitors.