Telus EPP Offers $65/100GB Unlimited Data Plan

Telus $65 100GB plan

Image via ‘pandanearapark’ on RFD

Telus Mobility’s Exclusive Partner Program (EPP) offers up discounted phone plans for employers to offer as a perk to employees.

The latest Telus EPP deals for May 2023 include a $65 per month plan with 100GB of data on its 5G+ network, with speeds up to 1 Gbps. The plan also includes unlimited nationwide talk and text and mobile hotspot.

Other Telus EPP plans available right now include a $60/25GB plan with 5G speeds up to 250 Mbps and also a $75 plan with 100GB of 5G+ data, but with unlimited talk, text and data in Canada and the USA.

There are limitations if you blow past your 100GB data allotment with Telus, as RFD users say throttling kicks in as noted on the website, while mobile hotspot features get disabled.

As for competing offers from other EPP program, Rogers has its unlimited data plan with 100GB for $60 per month after an autopay discount with Canada/USA access, showed one reader’s screenshot in response. Some with Bell claim they are getting a 100GB Canada/USA plan for $60.

Again, check with your employer to see if they offer EPP plans from Rogers, Telus or Bell, if you want these special deals not available for the public.