Virgin Plus Debuts $39/20GB Plan, Matching Freedom and Fido

virgin plus $39/20gb

Well, we all knew that was coming right? Bell’s Virgin Plus on Tuesday morning debuted a $39/20GB plan, matching what Rogers-owned Fido and Videotron-owned Freedom Mobile are offering.

The Virgin Plus website no longer has labels that advertise a $5/month credit for 24 months on select plans, but an advertisement for its $50/8GB plan says the credit is still there for plans $55/month or higher.

The $39/20GB plan includes unlimited nationwide calling and texting, and is available for new bring your own device activations and those upgrading or buying a new phone. It appears existing customers cannot get this plan, whereas Freedom is offering its $39/20GB to anyone.

virgin plus $39/20GB

As of writing, Telus-owned Koodo has not matched its rivals but we expect the $39/20GB plan to appear on its website any minute now.

Freedom Mobile debuted the $39/20GB plan on the weekend and Fido matched essentially right away. Koodo, you’re up next bud.

Pierre Karl Péladeau, CEO of Quebecor, which owns Videotron, had earlier stated that Freedom Mobile would seize market share from Rogers, Telus, and Bell by providing superior service at a more competitive price. It appears we may now be witnessing indications of this competitive strategy being implemented. Freedom is set to bring a 5G network and when that happens, hopefully, its home and away zone limitations will be lifted.