Microsoft Phone Link for iOS Now Available to All Windows 11 Users

Microsoft Phone Link

Last month Microsoft announced it was rolling out Phone Link for iOS on Windows 11 globally. On Monday, Microsoft provided an update to say Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 users.

Microsoft said last month that by “mid-May” all Windows 11 users would get access to Phone Link for iOS, and their timeline is indeed accurate. The app allows Windows 11 customers to enjoy basic iOS support for calls, messages, and access to contacts while using their Windows PCs. It’s similar to how iPhone users can also use Messages on their Mac.

iCloud integration with Photos enables easy access to iPhone photos on Windows 11 PCs through the Photos app, which is a nice feature.

To use Phone Link for iOS, you’ll need an iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, a Windows 11 device, a Bluetooth connection, and the latest version of the Phone Link app.

How to start using Phone Link on your Windows 11 PC? Start with the Search box on your Windows taskbar to find “Phone Link.” From here, a guided installation tutorial will walk you through the setup step-by-step. Let us know how you’re liking Phone Link for iOS in the comments.