Apple Ventures into Display Production for iPhones

According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Apple has made a significant move into the mass production of next-generation micro-LED displays, aiming to reduce its reliance on rival Samsung.

Micro LED

Having invested heavily in micro-LED displays over the past decade, Apple now intends to begin manufacturing them on its own for future iPhones and Apple Watches.

Micro-LED displays offer several advantages over OLED displays, including lower power consumption, enhanced outdoor brightness, and suitability for curved surfaces.

The source notes that the “mass transfer” of micro-LED manufacturing process will take place at Apple’s secretive R&D facilities in Taiwan.

Microled 2

Apple has already designed some of the production equipment and integrated circuits for the micro-LED screens. This demonstrates the company’s determination to allocate resources for greater control over future display technologies.

While micro-LED technology is still in the sampling stage, Apple aims to introduce it first on Apple Watch by 2024. However, there are several challenges to overcome before achieving mass production.

Ultimately, the company plans to incorporate micro-LED technologies into iPhones. And since they could be applied to foldable smartphones, it offers exciting possibilities for future iPhone models.

Apple’s reliance on Samsung for OLED screens has grown since their introduction in iPhones in 2017.

In an effort to reduce dependence, it explored alternative suppliers such as LG Display and BOE Technology, but they lagged behind Samsung in terms of technology and quality.