Passage by 1Password Debuts Easy, Secure Passkey Solutions

The folks over at 1Password have just announced ‘Passage by 1Password,’ a solution that offers developers and businesses the fastest and most secure way to incorporate passkeys into their products.


According to a survey conducted by the FIDO Alliance, a staggering 58% of consumers in the U.S. have abandoned purchases due to the difficulty of managing passwords.

Recognizing this issue, Passage by 1Password aims to create a secure and frictionless sign-in process that benefits both customers and businesses.

By implementing passkey support, companies can gain a competitive advantage, making it easier for customers to log in and reducing the likelihood of purchase abandonment.

For those who aren’t aware, passkeys leverage the biometrics of devices, such as fingerprint readers or facial recognition to authenticate logins. For Apple users, it’s as easy as using Touch ID and Face ID to access logins, without the need to enter in passwords.

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Passage by 1Password currently offers two options: Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex.

Passkey Complete is a ready-to-use solution that replaces the existing login flow entirely. The solution defaults to passkey logins but also offers graceful fallbacks to other passwordless methods, ensuring compatibility across systems and devices.

Passkey Flex, on the other hand, allows businesses to incorporate passkeys alongside traditional passwords and other authentication methods. This flexibility gives companies the opportunity to validate passkeys as an option while continuing to support customers who prefer traditional methods.

To learn more about Passage by 1Password and get started with passkey authentication, visit their website and explore the available solutions.