Final Cut Pro for iPad Now Available

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Apple has released its pro-level video editing and music creation software, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, on the iPad, revolutionizing the way creators produce content it says.

Fully reimagined for the iPad’s portability, performance, and touch-first interface, these applications establish an ultimate mobile studio for contemporary creatives. The announcement on Tuesday comes ahead of WWDC set to kick off on June 5.

Final Cut Pro for iPad offers a wide suite of tools for recording, editing, and sharing video content, all on a portable device. A significant feature is the all-new jog wheel which allows for dynamic interaction with content, such as navigating the Magnetic Timeline and moving clips.

Live Drawing, using Apple Pencil, offers users the opportunity to sketch and annotate directly onto video content. The iPad Pro with M2 even supports Apple Pencil hover for effortless skimming and previewing of footage. In addition, multicam video editing and Fast Cut features, powered by machine learning, offer powerful editing options.

On the music front, Logic Pro for iPad provides sophisticated tools for songwriting, recording, editing, and mixing. The multi-touch capability enables musicians to play software instruments and navigate projects seamlessly. The all-new Beat Breaker, a time and pitch-morphing plug-in, lets creators alter and shuffle sounds intuitively. Sample Alchemy, a new sample manipulation instrument, gives users the power to transform any audio sample with a simple tap.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are now available on the App Store at the price of $6.99 CAD per month or $69 CAD per year in Canada, with a one-month free trial included.