Telus to Invest Over $11 Billion in Quebec

After announcing its pledge to invest tens of billions in B.C., Alberta and Ontario yesterday, Telus announced on Wednesday its planned investments for Quebec.

Telus plans to invest $11.5 billion over the next five years in Quebec, set to focus on the development of network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum across the province. Since 2000, Telus touts it has invested over $32 billion in Quebec, building globally recognized industry networks.

The company will partner with the Government of Quebec and the CRTC to expand its 5G network to reach isolated and rural communities. The rollout of 3500 MHz spectrum 5G networks will also continue in Quebec.

The company is also again celebrating 10 years of PureFibre, which has connected nearly 300,000 homes in Quebec. Telus also plans to expand its Internet For Good program to youth in this province this year.

As for Telus Health, it now supports 67 million people in 160 countries, thanks to last year’s acquisition of LifeWorks.