Google Search Labs Brings Generative AI to Search

Google is introducing a new program called Search Labs, offering early access to experimental features to users who signed up for the waitlist.

Search Labs

These experiments include SGE (Search Generative Experience), Code Tips, and Add to Sheets, initially available in the U.S.

Users can opt-in to these experiments by tapping the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app (iOS and Android) or on Chrome desktop, or by visiting the Labs site to check their waitlist status.

SGE, the new generative AI-powered search experience, aims to simplify the search process, allowing users to understand topics faster, explore new perspectives and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Instead of manually piecing together information by asking multiple questions, Search now leverages generative AI to assist users with the heavy lifting.

Generative AI Seaarch

Here are three ways in which the new generative AI capabilities can streamline your search experience:

  1. Gain comprehensive knowledge on new or complex topics effortlessly.
    When faced with a decision that requires breaking it down into smaller parts, such as “Learning ukulele vs guitar,” Search will provide an AI-powered snapshot that helps users understand the factors to consider.
  2. Discover quick tips tailored to your specific questions.
    Sometimes, you may have a specific question in mind and benefit from seeing diverse content from the web. If you find an old sweater in your closet that needs cleaning, searching for “How to get an old coffee stain out of a wool sweater?” will yield helpful solutions.
  3. Explore a variety of products and factors to consider while shopping.
    Suppose you’re looking for removable wallpaper to enhance your rental kitchen. Simply search for “Peel and stick wallpaper for kitchen” to learn about important factors like ease of removal, and access a list of stylish options with prices, customer ratings, and purchase links.

For further exploration, users will find the option to ask follow-up questions or select suggested next steps, facilitating a conversational mode similar to ChatGPT.