Public Mobile 4G Plans Showing ‘5G’ Icon in Status Bar [Update]

Public mobile 5g status bar

Earlier this week, Telus launched unlimited 5G plans for its subscription brand, Public Mobile, a move that has some of its Koodo customers feeling jealous.

We had told you about the move before it happened, as Public Mobile apps debuted in the App Store and Google Play before the transition happened, leaking the move.

No other flanker brand or subscription brand has 5G service, only Public Mobile for now. The promo $39/20GB plan offered by Fido, Koodo and Virgin Plus has also made its way to Public Mobile, along with eSIM support.

As for the transition to Public Mobile 5G? Some iPhone in Canada users have let us know their 4G plans with Public Mobile are showing a ‘5G’ icon in the signal status bar. While the ‘5G’ icon is showing at times, speeds are not at 5G (up to 250 Mbps on Public Mobile) speeds, but still 4G.

Public Mobile has 3G speed plans still, but they’re actually just throttled 4G speeds. Will Public Mobile be doing the same for its 4G speed plans by throttling its 5G network? We’ve reached out to the company for comment and will update this story accordingly.

Update May 26, 2:12pm PDT: A Public Mobile spokesperson told iPhone in Canada in a statement, customers subscribed to any plan with a compatible 5G-enabled device may see the “5G” logo appear on their phone, “depending on various factors such as the customer’s geolocation and distance from an active 5G network infrastructure. ” However, despite the 5G icon, speeds will still be limited according to their phone plan subscription.

Are you seeing a 5G icon with your Public Mobile service right now?