Zoom IQ Features Now Available with Free Trials

Zoom has announced the expansion of Zoom IQ, its generative AI-based companion aimed at revamping team collaboration and boosting productivity. The features, available through free trials for customers on select plans, include Zoom Meeting summary and Zoom Team Chat compose.

“Zoom IQ, our generative AI assistant, provides new capabilities for users to manage everyday tasks more effectively, allowing more time for creative work,” said Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom, in an issued statement.

Zoom says it has a unique “federated” approach to AI, integrating the company’s own models with those of partners and select customers, including leading AI firms like OpenAI and Anthropic.

These innovations allow Zoom Meeting hosts to generate and share automated meeting summaries through Zoom Team Chat or email without needing to record the session. Moreover, the generative AI-powered compose feature facilitates drafting messages in Zoom Team Chat, altering message tone and length, and customizing text recommendations.

Zoom stresses its commitment to data privacy, ensuring users have control over their data. To access these features, customers must opt-in through the Zoom admin console. Data sharing options with Zoom are part of this opt-in process and can be modified at any point by account admins, assuring that customer data will not be used to train third-party models.

Looking ahead, Zoom plans to further enhance its offering with additional Zoom IQ capabilities. Users can soon look forward to AI-powered features that aid in drafting emails, summarizing Team Chat threads, organizing brainstorming ideas, and drafting whiteboard content.

Among the proposed innovations are the Email compose feature, which will provide suggestions for drafting emails based on the context of previous Zoom interactions. Additionally, Team Chat thread summaries will help users catch up on lengthy chats effortlessly.

The Meeting queries feature will enable latecomers to meetings to discreetly obtain a summary of missed content. To aid brainstorming, the Whiteboard draft and Whiteboard synthesize features will provide initial idea prompts and help categorize the generated ideas respectively.

Our AI overlords continue to make life easier and for those that are heavy into Zoom meetings, Zoom IQ features look to save you a bunch of time and effort.

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