Google Shares 13 Ways to Customize Your Pixel Phone’s Look

If you’re looking to make your Pixel phone reflect your unique style and preferences, Google has the answer with 13 custom settings to help you fine-tune its appearance, sound, and functionality.

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Here are the 13 settings you can use to customize your Pixel Phone’s look.

  1. Create Eye-Catching Wallpapers with AI:
    Personalize your Pixel’s wallpaper by choosing your own photos. With features like Cinematic wallpaper and emoji wallpapers, your wallpaper will come to life in a 3D or emoji-filled fashion. Android’s Material You design system will also automatically adjust the color scheme to match your selection.
  2. Give Your Eyes a Break with Night Light:
    Enable Night Light to reduce eye strain by giving your screen a slight amber color in low-light environments. You can even set it to turn on and off automatically at sunset and sunrise.
  3. Adjust Display Size and Text:
    Customize the text and widget sizes on your Pixel to make it easier on your eyes. Increase or decrease the display size and boldness to your liking.
  4. Control Screen Timeout: Set the duration before your screen dims and locks to your preference, keeping it active for up to 30 minutes. You can also enable “screen attention” to prevent your phone from turning off when you’re looking at it.
  5. Fine-Tune Sounds and Vibrations:
    Customize the volume and vibration settings for different actions, allowing you to have different notification experiences for alarms, messages, and apps.
  6. Enhance Speaker Experience with Adaptive Sound:
    Experience optimized audio with Adaptive Sound. This feature adjusts your speaker’s sound quality based on the acoustics of your surroundings, providing the best audio experience possible.
  7. Personalize Your Widgets:
    Customize your homescreen with functional widgets. Turn your frequently used apps into widgets that display essential information with a simple glance.
  8. Focus with Do Not Disturb:
    Tailor your Do Not Disturb settings to allow only specific people, apps, and alarms to interrupt your silence.
  9. Optimize Battery Settings with Battery Saver:
    Extend your Pixel’s battery life by enabling Battery Saver mode or creating a schedule based on your routine. For more control, choose Extreme Battery Saver mode to limit non-essential apps.
  10. Free Up Phone Space:
    Avoid storage issues by utilizing the “Free up space” feature. Easily delete junk files, unused apps, and backed-up photos and videos to reclaim storage.
  11. Identify Songs with Now Playing:
    Enable Now Playing to automatically identify songs playing around you and display their titles on your lock screen.
  12. Set Up Quick Phrases:
    Configure Quick Phrases to use Google Assistant without saying “Hey Google.” Easily control alarms, timers, and incoming calls with a single phrase.
  13. Boost Efficiency with Google Assistant Shortcuts:
    Set up shortcuts to streamline your interaction with Google Assistant and various apps. Create custom commands for tasks like adding contacts or opening specific browser tabs.
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