Google Home App Launches New Automation Features

Google has launched new capabilities for its Google Home app, debuting new automation for your smart home.

The update rolls out nine new starters and nine new actions tailored for Household Routines. This enhancement allows you to set up various sensors such as temperature, humidity, contact, and occupancy within the Google Home ecosystem and incorporate them into your automation setups.

New Starters Include:

  • Device open/closed status
  • Device plugged-in/charging status
  • Temperature sensor changes
  • Volume muted/unmuted status
  • Device docking status
  • Active light effects
  • Lock jamming detection
  • Humidity sensor changes
  • Occupancy sensing

New Actions Include:

  • Opening/closing devices
  • Pausing/unpausing devices
  • Starting/pausing/resuming/cancelling timers
  • Muting/unmuting volume
  • Docking devices like vacuums, mops, or mowers
  • Setting humidity percentages
  • Running software updates

The Google Nest Team shared numerous example automations that could be useful in everyday scenarios. For instance, if a window is opened, the thermostat could automatically turn off. Or, if humidity drops below 40%, the humidifier could turn on automatically.

Advanced users can also look forward to new capabilities in the script editor, which is currently in Public Preview. This offers an expanded playground for those who wish to customize their home automation to their liking.

While these features bring new functionalities, Google says that device capability support is limited by the manufacturer. If users don’t find the expected automations for their devices, it’s likely because the manufacturer has not implemented them yet.

For those who need assistance in creating automations, Google directs users to a Help Center article titled “Creating and managing Routines for Google Home automations.”

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