Amazon Alexa Real-Time Call Translation Coming to Canada

Echo alexa wall

In a move to enhance communication for dispersed and multicultural families, Amazon announced Alexa is rolling out a new feature called Call Translation. This was part of Amazon’s Devices & Services Fall Event held at its HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday.

In a preview today, Amazon revealed its upcoming advancements for Alexa, which will be driven by generative AI technology. The new capabilities are based on a custom-built large language model that has been specifically optimized for voice interactions. The focus of these enhancements is on delivering real-time news and information, providing efficient control over smart home devices, and elevating home entertainment experiences.

For example, a new feature Adaptive Content, introduces a revamped home screen experience that employs on-device computer vision technology to alter the display based on a user’s distance from the device. When a user is situated across the room, the screen will show easily readable content, like simplified news headlines. As the user approaches the device, the display will automatically shift to a more detailed view.

As for Call Translation, it provides real-time captioning for audio and video calls, facilitating effective communication across languages. The feature is particularly beneficial for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, offering them an easier way to communicate remotely.

Call Translation will be supported on Echo Show devices and the Alexa mobile app in Canada, along with the U.S., Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The feature will be available later this year and will support over 10 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

The company also expressed its commitment to improving accessibility experiences and is eager to learn from customer feedback to build a more accessible future.

Today Amazon also unveiled a new Echo Show 8 and more as part of its announcements.

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