France Clears iPhone 12 Software Update Amid Radiation Concerns

Following a dispute over radiation levels associated with the device, French authorities have now given their approval to Apple’s software update for the iPhone 12, Reuters is reporting.

Iphone 12 2021

France suspended the sale of iPhone 12 following tests that identified breaches of radiation exposure limits earlier this month. Apple then committed to releasing a software update to address these concerns.

Initially, the iPhone maker had contested the findings put forth by French authorities, asserting that the device had received certifications from various international bodies, attesting to its compliance with global standards.

However, on September 15, Apple announced its intent to issue a software update to align with the testing methods employed in France.

France’s decision to halt iPhone 12 sales subsequently raised concerns in other European countries. Belgium, for instance, also requested the software upgrade.

Iphone 12

However, it’s important to note that this software update is specifically intended for the French market, as confirmed by a statement from the Belgian industry regulator.

The regulator also anticipates further actions at the European level once French authorities inform their European counterparts about the solution, emphasizing that it is not widely available within the European Union at present.

It’s worth mentioning that research spanning the past two decades has conducted multiple studies to assess the health risks associated with mobile phones. According to the World Health Organisation, no adverse health effects have been definitively linked to mobile phone usage.

The radiation concerns raised in France were based on test results that differed from those conducted in other countries.

Industry experts have pointed out that there are no significant safety risks, as regulatory limits, designed to mitigate the risk of burns or heatstroke resulting from the phone’s radiation, are set considerably below levels where scientific evidence of harm has been found.

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