Sonos to Continue Legal Battle Against Google Despite Recent Setback

Sonos, the wireless home audio pioneer, remains undeterred in its legal battle against tech giant Google, asserting that it is the “primary innovator” in the wireless home audio category.


Despite a recent legal setback, Sonos is determined to protect its inventions and the interests of smaller businesses (via The Verge).

Sonos has consistently accused Google of copying its technology, including fundamental customer experiences like setting up and syncing speakers, group volume control, and stereo pairing.

The company contends that Google’s latecomer status in the industry has not stopped it from infringing on Sonos’ innovations.

A statement from Sonos reiterates its mission to defend groundbreaking innovations while also seeking to establish a revenue stream through royalties.

The company aims to protect the intellectual property of smaller innovators who lack the resources to challenge a company of Google’s magnitude.

However, despite its strong position in whole-home audio, Sonos recently faced a legal setback in its patent infringement case against Google. A US District Judge reversed a $32.5 million jury verdict in favor of Sonos, citing concerns about the timing of Sonos’ patent claims.

Judge William Alsup expressed frustration with the legal proceedings and accused Sonos of using the patent system to delay and gain an unfair advantage.

While there are questions about the broad applicability of Sonos’ patents, the timing of their claims played a pivotal role in the case.

Sonos move review4

Sonos intends to appeal the judge’s ruling, but the legal battle continues in various countries and at the International Trade Commission..

Meanwhile, in response to the legal developments, Google has started to restore software features that were previously removed due to the litigation.

Google sees the ruling as a positive development for its users, allowing seamless integration of Google smart speakers. The company also took the opportunity to call for reform of the patent system, a stance shared by Sonos.

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