Ontario Man Locates His Stolen Car Thanks to Apple’s AirTag

Apple’s AirTag again helps someone retrieve their lost or stolen belongings, and this time the tracker helped one Ontario man find his stolen car.

On an early Sunday morning, Saamer Mansoor faced an unexpected ordeal when he found his car missing from his brother’s driveway. But by the time noon rolled around, Mansoor had located his car thanks to Apple’s AirTag, which he had hidden inside his car six months ago. He said he heard about the AirTag helping people fight theft in Toronto, so decided to put one in his car.

“I was taking care of my two-year-old son, who was extremely sick,” he said, adding, “he’s crying and I can’t think of anything other than to comfort him and make sure he’s doing okay.”

That’s when Mansoor forgot to close his driver-side window, which was all that was needed for thieves to steal his car. “The next morning my brother was headed out to the mosque and he called me and was like hey, where’s your car?” Mansoor said.

The following morning, his brother asked him where his car was, as the vehicle was missing from the driveway. Mansoor promptly checked the AirTag’s location, which indicated the car was parked at a local motel on Huron Church. An AirTag works by leveraging the Bluetooth signal acquired by millions of iPhones, then sending location data back to iCloud and then your iPhone.

With adrenaline surging, Mansoor and his brother headed to the location, contacting police while they were on the way. Windsor Police have confirmed Mansoor’s account and have indicated that the investigation is ongoing, reports CTV News.

Mansoor was fortunate to recover not only his car but also most of its contents. For everyone else, tossing an AirTag into your car means you’ll always be able to find it. If you do the same for your luggage while travelling, you can also keep tabs on your lost luggage (despite what the airline tells you).

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