YouTube Combats AI Deepfakes, Allowing Requests to Remove Simulated Content

YouTube is taking new steps towards addressing AI on the platform. In order to present a healthy and responsible foundation for AI-generated content, YouTube will begin labelling content that utilizes AI more clearly. It’s also enabling requests to remove content featuring AI-generated deepfakes.

In a new blog post, Jennifer Flannery O’Conner and Emily Moxley, vice presidents of product management reveal the new steps YouTube is taking. For instance, the platform will continue upholding its Community Guidelines, no matter if the content is AI-generated or not. Additionally, YouTube will continue to try and prevent content that manipulates and misleads audiences.

As such, over the next few months, YouTube will require creators to disclose when they’re using “altered or synthetic content that is realistic.” This includes AI tools. Upon an upload, the creator will see new options to disclose the use of AI and indicate if it contains realistic altered or synthetic material.

In addition, users can submit a request to remove AI-generated content via YouTube’s  privacy request process. The requests must be based on whether the content depicts a public figure or politician, etc. If the content mimics their voice and likeness, YouTube could deem it worthy of removal. The same can be said for musicians where AI-generated music mimics the artist’s unique voice. This is another step in addressing deepfakes that are spreading across the internet.

YouTube also reaffirms that its enforcement utilizes a combination of machine learning and reviews made by actual humans. Google and YouTube’s work with AI helps oversee “potentially violative content at scale.” “We’re thinking carefully about how we can build upon years of investment into the teams and technology capable of moderating content at our scale,” the blog post reads.

Last week, YouTube announced that two new features using generative AI are rolling out. The first is its AI-powered ‘Topics’ which compile themes based on discussions in a comment section. The second is a conversational AI tool, which enables users to ask questions about the video and get suggestions on other content.

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