RCS on iPhone: Apple’s Colour Choice for Messaging Bubbles Revealed

Apple’s recent announcement regarding plans to introduce RCS support for iPhones by 2024 has stirred significant interest.

SMS android theme 1 png

The focal point of curiosity after this news revolves around the colours of the messaging bubbles: will the blue vs green bubble debate finally find resolution?

For those who aren’t aware, RCS, known as Rich Communication Services, aims to enhance text features between Android and iPhone users, mirroring iMessage-style functionalities.

These improvements encompass read receipts, typing indicators, and better-quality media sharing.

Despite these advancements, one key aspect remains unchanged: the colour scheme of the messaging bubbles.

9to5Mac has received confirmation from Apple that iMessages will retain their signature blue bubbles, while RCS messages will sport green bubbles. Apple asserts that blue bubbles signify the best and most secure communication method through iMessage for iPhone users.

RCS android theme 1 png

The colour debate surrounding green versus blue bubbles has evolved into a cultural point of discussion. Both Google and Samsung have utilized bubble color in their marketing campaigns, critiquing Apple’s lack of RCS support.

This recent revelation aligns with previous reporting affirming the longevity of iMessage.

Apple’s introduction of RCS as an upgrade to SMS and MMS will operate separately from the existing iMessage platform, without extending to other operating systems.

Whereas on Android devices, SMS texts appear in light blue, while RCS messages display in dark blue. Apple’s implementation implies iMessage bubbles will be blue, while RCS and SMS bubbles will adopt a green hue.

Do you guys agree with Apple’s decision on the messaging bubble colours?

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