Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Candid Interview by Dua Lipa [VIDEO]

tim cook dua lipa interview

In an exclusive interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared insights into his leadership style, the company’s future, and his personal journey from a modest upbringing to leading the world’s most valuable company.

The interview, conducted by music star Dua Lipa, dived into various aspects of Cook’s life and work, shared on the BBC Sounds channel on YouTube.

Cook began by describing his typical day, which starts early with a focus on customer and employee emails. “I spend my first hour doing email… it’s a way to stay grounded in terms of what the community is feeling,” Cook said. He emphasized the importance of staying connected to Apple’s user base and workforce.

Discussing his leadership style, Cook highlighted the value of collaboration. “I try to be one that really deeply believes in collaboration… your idea plus my idea is better than the individual ideas of their own,” he explained. This approach, according to Cook, fosters creativity and innovation within Apple.

Reflecting on his journey, Cook shared his experience growing up in a blue-collar family in Alabama. His parents instilled in him the value of hard work, which propelled him from a paper route at 13 to the CEO of Apple. “My mother worked in a pharmacy as a clerk and my father worked in a shipyard… they really taught me the value of hard work,” Cook recounted.

Cook also addressed the issue of representation in corporate leadership, particularly for the LGBTQ community and other marginalized groups. “I think there’s still a glass ceiling… for not only LGBTQ but for women, for people of colour,” he stated, advocating for greater inclusivity and respect for all individuals.

On the topic of technology’s impact on society, Cook acknowledged the challenges of excessive smartphone use. He discussed Apple’s introduction of screen time features to help users manage their device usage. “I think there is an excessive use of the smartphone… we wanted to surface the amount that you’re spending,” Cook remarked, emphasizing the importance of digital well-being.

Finally, Cook spoke about Apple’s commitment to environmental sustainability, outlining the company’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire product life cycle by 2030. He highlighted recent successes, such as certain models of the Apple Watch being carbon neutral, achieved through the use of recycled materials and renewable energy sources.

Check out the full 45-minute interview below—it’s rare to see Cook speak candidly about his life in an interview:

YouTube video

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