Apple Podcasts Coming to Tesla Vehicles

Tesla is set to enhance the user experience with its 2023.44.1 software update, as revealed by Tesla hacker @greenthonly on November 25, who dived deep into software code once again.

The update that’s rolling out introduces a range of new features and improvements, notably including support for Apple Podcasts, reports Tesla North.

A significant addition in the update is a washer for the front camera, now featuring an activation button. This enhancement is particularly aimed at the Tesla Cybertruck, which includes a new front-facing camera in its bumper, improving visibility and functionality in poor weather conditions.

The media playback system in Tesla vehicles receives a notable upgrade with the introduction of the Shaka Player, a new JavaScript player. This improvement is expected to elevate the media streaming experience in Tesla cars, enhancing audio and video playback quality.

The update also introduces new playback speeds for media, including 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x options. This feature is especially beneficial for podcast listeners, with Apple Podcasts now confirmed to be part of the update, points out ‘green’.

As for safety, the update includes a new U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety mode for seatbelt reminders. This feature escalates the frequency and pitch of the reminders, aiming to improve safety compliance among drivers and passengers.

Another feature potentially utilizes the cabin camera to enable or disable High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane usage. This function, still subject to additional permissions and activation by Tesla, could enhance driving efficiency for occupants. Nice try sneaking into the HOV this time with your mannequins.

The update also debuts a new navigation mode on the back end, MPP (Most Probable Path), which promises to optimize route planning and guidance.

On the battery front, Tesla is expanding its range of options. The update indicates the addition of a new Tesla 16V battery option, along with a visible 48V option, suggesting future advancements in this area, possibly starting with the Cybertruck, which has hit Canadian showrooms.

Back in December 2022, Tesla released a software update to bring Apple Music support. It only seems natural that Apple Podcasts would be supported next. Given the collaboration between both companies, we’d expect a native Apple TV+ app to hit Tesla Theatre (the company’s suite of entertainment apps), joining Netflix, Disney+, Twitch and YouTube in Canada.

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