What’s New in iOS 17.2 RC: Features and More

Earlier today, Apple made its Release Candidate (RC) version of iOS 17.2 and more for developers and public beta testers.

This update, alongside the RC versions for iPadOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, macOS Sonoma 14.2, tvOS, and HomePod OS 17.2, brings some new features and bug updates. Apple has also rolled out iOS 16.7.3 RC for older iPhones and iPads.

Below is a breakdown of all the new features and bug fixes in iOS 17.2 RC, according to a deep dive by Brandon Butch:

YouTube video

Major Updates in iOS 17.2 RC

  • Update Size: The iOS 17.2 RC is a substantial update, with a size of nearly 6.4 GB on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Build Number: The new build number for this update is 21C62.
  • Modem Firmware: For the iPhone 15 series, the modem firmware has been updated to 1.22.05.

Notable Features and Changes

  • Collaborative Playlists: Despite expectations, collaborative playlists in Apple Music are not yet live in the RC version. This feature might still be introduced server-side with the final release of iOS 17.2.
  • Camera Improvements: The update enhances the telephoto camera’s focusing speed on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, particularly for small, distant objects.
  • Spatial Video: iOS 17.2 introduces the ability to shoot spatial video, compatible with the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Wind Map in Weather App: The wind section in the Weather app now includes a wind map.
  • Moon Phase Details: Enhanced details in the moon phase section, including specific dates.
  • Airdrop Enhancements: Expanded contact sharing options and the ability to share various passes by bringing two iPhones close together.
  • Autofill in PDFs and Forms: Improved autofill feature for populating fields in PDFs and other forms with contact information.
  • CH2 Wireless Charging Support: Extended to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series.
  • Siri Access to Health Data: Siri can now log and access health data, such as steps taken or blood oxygen levels.
  • Alert Tones in Sounds and Haptics: The ‘Default Alerts’ section now labeled as ‘Alert Tones’.

Performance and Battery Life

  • Geekbench Scores: The RC version scored 2938 on the single-core and 7295 on the multicore, slightly lower than the previous beta.
  • Battery Life: Preliminary observations suggest improved battery life compared to earlier betas, but further testing is needed for a definitive conclusion.

Additional Updates

  • AirPods Pro 2 Firmware Update: A new firmware version (6B34) for both Lightning and USB-C AirPods Pro, primarily focusing on bug fixes and improvements.
  • Expectations for the Final Release: The final public release of iOS 17.2 is anticipated next week, likely on Monday, the 11th. Following this, the iOS 17.3 betas are expected to commence.

Apple is expected to release iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 and more next week–stay tuned, folks!

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