Android 15 Developer Preview Now Available

Android 15Google announced the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 15 for developers on Friday.

Android 15 is designed to increase productivity, offer improved media experiences, minimize battery usage, ensure smooth app performance, and ensure user privacy and security across various devices, according to Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google.

The new version aims to leverage premium device hardware, including advanced camera capabilities, powerful GPUs, and AI processing, to cater to the growing demand for large-screen devices. Android 15 also introduces tooling and libraries to harness the latest AI advancements.

Feedback from developers on the Android 15 Developer Preview and QPR beta program is crucial for continuous improvement. The Android 15 developer site provides detailed documentation, downloads for Pixel devices, and more information about the preview.

Key Features and Enhancements in Android 15:

  • Privacy and Security: Android 15 enhances user privacy and security, including updates to Android AD Services and the integration of the latest version of the Privacy Sandbox on Android. It also introduces Health Connect by Android for secure health and fitness data management and new APIs for file integrity through the FileIntegrityManager.
  • Partial Screen Sharing: This feature, first enabled in Android 14 QPR2, allows users to share or record just an app window, with user consent required for each MediaProjection capture session.
  • Support for Creators: Android 15 adds new camera controls for low light enhancements and flash strength adjustments. It also extends support for virtual MIDI 2.0 devices, enabling better control for composition apps over synthesizer apps.
  • Dynamic Performance and Developer Productivity: The release continues investment in the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) and adds OpenJDK APIs for improved app quality and developer productivity.

The platform stability milestone is expected to be reached in June 2024, providing developers ample time for final testing before the official release. Developers can start testing Android 15 by flashing a system image onto a Pixel 6, Pixel 7 or Pixel 8 device, or by using the Android Emulator in Android Studio. Beta releases are coming in April.

Google recommends using the latest preview of Android Studio Jellyfish for the best development experience with Android 15. The preview release is aimed at developers only and is available for manual download to ensure thorough testing and feedback.

As Android 15 progresses through its release cycle, Google will update the system images and SDK regularly, with future updates available over-the-air for those who manually install the preview build. The Android Beta program will open for consumer enrollment at a later stage, with the current focus on developer feedback and app compatibility testing.

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