Reasons Why Apple Vision Pro Users Are Returning Headset Include Lack of Video Content and Weight

Apple Vision Pro has now been available in the U.S. for a couple of weeks now. The $3,499 USD (around $4,714 CAD) is a hefty investment. While offering innovative uses and integration into the Apple ecosystem, many users have returned the headset for several reasons.

In a recent report, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman spoke to over a dozen users who returned the headset back to Apple. In a bid to discover common reasons why a customer may not be too attached to the headset, Gurman was given many explanations. However, there were a few reasons that were similar to those Gurman spoke to.

For instance, weight and comfort were a big factor. Gurman reports that some users he spoke to complained about the headset’s weight being too cumbersome or “headache-inducing.” Another reason boiled down to the software side. Some users remarked that there was a lack of apps and video content, ultimately leaving them feeling as if the price wasn’t justifiable.

On top of that, some customers told Gurman that the productivity features of Apple Vision Pro offer any further perks than if using an external monitor with a Mac, especially over longer periods of time. Gurman’s findings also show some users complained that the 4K displays have too much glare or the field of view is too narrow. Finally, others reportedly returned their headset as using Apple Vision Pro is said to be an isolating experience. Shared experiences aren’t available yet.

As of the time of writing, Apple hasn’t given any indication as to what the return rate of Vision Pro is. However, Gurman notes that data from his sources claim that it’s roughly average. It’s believed that the return rate is “between average and above average compared with other products — depending on the location.”

It does appear as though Apple is eager to hear feedback and garner some information from returns. It’s reported that Apple Store employees in the U.S. are trained to ask customers why they are returning Apple Vision Pro. Employees are then to report to a manager following each return so the feedback can be relayed to the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

There’s currently still no word on when Apple Vision Pro is coming to Canada. However, a Canadian launch is believed to be set for later this year.

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