Chrome Debuts ‘Help Me Write’ AI Feature, Not in Canada

Chrome help me write

Google has rolled out a new feature in Chrome (the latest version M122), called “Help me write,” aimed at letting you write things on the web much easier and faster.

The feature is first available on Mac and Windows PCs in the U.S. and in English. Sadly, that mean it’s not available in Canada at launch.

This feature leverages Google’s Gemini models to help users in starting or refining anything written on the web forms, such as online sales, restaurant reviews, or hotel reservations. Writing Google reviews of any business is going to get a lot easier now, for example.

The example below shows a Chrome user asking the feature, “plane lands at 9 – ask to check in early” and then “Help Me Write” spits out an instant response, saving you time:

Chrome help me write 2

Google says “Help me write” is designed to understand the context of the webpage a user is on, offering suggestions that include relevant details in its responses. For example, when writing a review for garden shears, the feature will use the product page to help the user’s recommendation, making it more useful. This is going to change how you write on the web.

To activate this feature, users need to sign into Chrome, access “Settings” from the three-dot menu, and head to the “Experimental AI” section, then enable “Help me write.” Even with a VPN turned on and set to the U.S., we were unable to see the “Experimental AI” setting in Canada. Let us know if you’re seeing it.

Once activated, users can just right-click on any text field within Chrome and select “Help me write” to begin enhancing their writing tasks, from writing reviews to asking questions on any website. We can’t wait for this feature to expand to Canada.

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