Use Gemini in Gmail, Docs and More in New Google One Plan

google one gemini

Google has announced an expansion of its Google One AI Premium plan, introducing the integration of Gemini capabilities into Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet.

This update is powered by Gemini Advanced and Google’s 1.0 Ultra AI model aims to increase your productivity within Google’s suite of products, integrated right into apps.

Since its debut in 2018, Google One has signed up over 100 million subscribers, offering extra storage and advanced features across Google Photos, Meet, and Calendar. The recent addition of the AI Premium plan brings access to advanced AI tools, including the newly integrated Gemini features across various Google Workspace apps.

The example below shows how Gemini built right into Gmail can help you create an email out of thin air, such as composing an invite to get friends to come join for a potluck:

gemini gmail

The new AI Premium plan now lets members use Gemini for a variety of tasks, such as composing emails in Gmail, creating documents in Docs, managing spreadsheets in Sheets, and designing presentations in Slides. You may never need to use your brain, ever again.

The company says personal and business data within Workspace are not used to train or improve AI models without explicit permission, explained Esteban Kozak, Director of Product Management, Google One.

The Gemini update is available to AI Premium Plan subscribers in over 150 countries—including Canada, primarily in English, at a cost of $26.99 CAD per month. This plan also includes 2TB of storage and other Google One benefits. There’s a 2-month free trial if you haven’t signed up before.

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