Public Mobile Users Protest Rewards Cut with CCTS Complaints

Telus-owned Public Mobile announced last week its legacy rewards program was coming to end, starting in May.

All existing users on the old rewards program will be transitioned over to the newest Public Points program.

Since covering this story, Public Mobile customers have ramped up their frustration over the ending of the old rewards program, as the Community forums thread has topped 1,400 replies.

Many customers are still being informed of the program change and more complaints are coming into the forums.

“I officially received my email notification today (March 11, 2024). I’m upset with Public Mobile and hope they’ll revise their position however, I’ll be ready to port 6 lines in May if they don’t.
Consider this my formal complaint and a statement that I will not move to your new reward program. I hope you find the values you lost (loyalty & integrity),” said customer “Lucster” on Monday.

Numerous Public Mobile customers continue to urge others to file a complaint with the company first through its online support tickets, then go on to file a complaint with the CCTS.

“If you are currently on the old (good) rewards, you have nothing to gain with the new rewards starting in May. The new rewards are across-the-board worse than the old rewards. Prepare to pay more money per month,” said “edeepm”.

It’s not just discussion on the Public Mobile Community forums seeing lots of action. RFD has a thread on the matter and it has reached 13 pages long, with users there also urging each other to file a CCTS complaint. Others continue to debate the merits of shutting down the program on Reddit as well.

Some believe Public Mobile has a case to cancel the program, as one of the original Reward rules says the company has the right to “change all Rewards at its sole discretion and without advance notice.”

Back in 2018, when Public Mobile tried to increase the price of its $120/12GB 90-day plan, customers complained to the CCTS, filing over 1,600 complaints in days, according to the latter sharing details with iPhone in Canada. Telus ended up reversing the price increase.

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