X Gives Free Premium Features Based on Verified Followers

x verified followers

Elon Musk has announced it’s now possible to get free Premium or Premium+ features on X (formerly Twitter).

On Wednesday evening, Musk said, “Going forward, all 𝕏 accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers will get Premium features for free and accounts with over 5000 will get Premium+ for free.”

The owner of X was referring to verified followers and not subscribers, essentially those with a paid checkmark. This strategy incentivizes people to become paid subscribers and to follow other verified users, as they can get Premium or Premium+ features for free, while also fighting bots on the platform.

Earlier this week, Musk announced its Grok AI chatbot would soon be free for Premium subscribers on X, instead of just for more expensive Premium+ subscribers.

On Thursday morning, Musk said, “Subscribing is the only way to ensure that major brand advertisers cannot demand censorship of this platform.” Previously, Musk famously told advertisers trying to blackmail him with money on X to β€œgo f*** yourself.”

X Premium costs $10/month and $105/year, while Premium+ costs $20/month in Canada or $210/year (prices for paying via the web).

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