Humane AI Pin Called ‘Worst Product I’ve Ever Reviewed’

humane ai pin review

The Humane AI pin is supposed to be a standalone device that is powered by AI to replace your smartphone. It recently had its embargo released for first reviews and it hasn’t been pretty for the start up.

The AI Pin was hyped up because its founders are ex-Apple employees, plus the startup is backed by $230 million in funding. Earlier this year, we covered how Humane had made job cuts before the launch of the device, a bad sign for the company.

Now, as reviews have come out, it’s finally come to light that the device is not ready for prime time. Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, has called the AI Pin the “worst product I’ve ever reviewed” in its current state.

It’s not too difficult to come to that conclusion as the device costs $699 USD and requires a $24 USD/month subscription for its cellular plan. Why anyone would want to wear this thing and talk to yourself in public with it is beyond me. There’s no display side from a laser that projects to your hand.

The debate online is that people are being too harsh and jumping on the AI Pin unfairly. Well, the product clearly sucks in its current state. Capitalism is cruel—get used to it. Check out MKBHD’s review below:

YouTube video

The WSJ’s Joanna Stern also shared her review of the AI Pin as well.

A great overview of the failure of the Humane AI Pin can be read here by Benjamin Sandofsky.

Would you fork over $699 USD (about $967 CAD) for an AI Pin? What problem does this thing even solve?

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