500px Photo Sharing iOS App Is Now Back In The iTunes App Store

Last week, Apple removed Toronto-based 500px’s popular photo sharing app from the iTunes App Store over concerns of nudity. However, the app has today made its return into the App Store with warning for mature content and a new “Report Photo” button to help users quickly tag things they find offensive for potential removal from the network (via TechCrunch).

500px icon

Interestingly, the app still features a category for “Nude” photos for users have have logged in, which is a surprising allowance from Apple’s side. The 500px app, which has been downloaded just under one million times, was pulled by Apple to make sure children and others do not stumble upon artistic nude photos randomly. However, 500px informed Apple it would make changes to the app and fix the problem shortly.

I contacted 500px co-founder Oleg Gutsol about the restoration of the app, and he said in an email that they’ve “worked closely with Apple over the last week to address their requests.”

Gutsol says that they’ve conducted their own internal content audit and have found no pornographic images, and so didn’t have to take any content down from the site. They’re still waiting to see specific images or complaints received by Apple to try to track down the offending images.

500px now claims to have made significant modifications to the app, ensuring that all adult content is clearly tagged and harder to stumble upon.