Spark Server Upgrade Locked Some User Apple IDs

Spark email app

Third-party email client Spark users have started reporting issues with their Apple IDs yesterday on reddit, saying they are being locked out of their accounts. Some have managed to solve the matter by resetting their password, but the reason for the issue remained under wraps… until Spark stepped out and said their server side work to make the third-party email client much faster has possibly “triggered iCloud security algos.”

Spark reached out to users both on reddit and Twitter explaining what’s going on. After users began reporting issues, they started investigating the matter and found a few hours later that the migration process has affected some Apple users, as they are making preparations to launch Spark for Mac.

Hello guys,
Thank you for the feedback and comments! Our team has been investigating this for a few hours.
What we know so far: 1. There’s no breach or data leak according to our investigation. 2. The new, faster AWS server logic might have triggered iCloud security algos. We are already working with Apple to learn more details.
We are doing some server side work to make Spark much faster, and to make it ready for the Mac version , which is already in Alpha.
We will keep you updated once we have more news from Apple side.
Thank you.

Spark promises that “there’s NO breach or data leak” and apologized for the inconvenience. Were you affected?