Astrid – Checklists With Friends [Review]

Astrid looks good, but isn’t much more useful than Reminders

A first glance, you might think Astrid is just a checklist app like Reminders. And it pretty much is plus the option to share checklists.

If you’ve used Reminders, then making and adding checklists and tasks in Astrid will be very familiar. What will be new is sharing them with friends and family also using Astrid. You can add checklists to your Reusable Checklists page, which is useful if you often use the same checklist.

Astrid also has built in voice recognition for creating tasks on the go.

Also, you can find featured checklists from other users on this page, such as “6 Foods Your Face Will Love” and “20 Easy Resolutions You Can Feel Good About.” Unfortunately, you can’t search for checklists, you can only see the featured ones.

Lack of integration with Siri wasn’t a big deal to me, because I don’t use Siri. However, one of the featured checklists on the Reusable Checklists page, is a 3 step process provided by Astrid that showed me a work around using IFTTT. Though I was able to follow the steps, the way it works is interesting (you can see the steps here). Also, my checklists tend to have long descriptive titles, which is not a problem in Reminders, because the font shrinks to remain visible. Astrid’s, however, does not, and the only time I could see a title longer than 20 characters was when I was editing it.

Checklist in Reminders

Checklist in Astrid

If you want to share checklists, try Astrid. If you don’t, Astrid is free to download from the App Store, so you can give it a try if you are tired of Reminders. Then let us know what you think of Astrid or tell us about the checklist app you use.