Boxcar Acquired by Kwaga, Service Set to Restore to 100 Percent

Over the past couple of months, our favourite push notification service Boxcar had run into consistency issues and was just plain not working. We recently thought the service was about to die, but now Macworld reports Boxcar has been acquired by Kwaga, the company that runs, a service that will soon join Boxcar’s notification system.

The website noted the following message today:

We are excited to announce that we have acquired the Boxcar iPhone notification service, and are looking forward to make all of your digital-lives even easier and more productive!

Boxcar’s founder, Jonathan George, will join Kwaga as part of their board of directors as an adviser. As for the silence over Boxcar’s recent downtime? George told Macworld:

“the trouble with Boxcar in the past few weeks was primarily related to scaling and growth issues… Part of this acquisition is absolutely to help Boxcar grow and restore it to 100 percent—and to keep it there.”

Kwaga CEO Philippe Laval reassured Macworld they plan to keep Boxcar up and running for new and existing users.

Congrats to the entire Boxcar team. We can’t wait for you to return to full 100% operation  of the notification service.