Get ‘Day One 2’ Free within the Apple Store iOS App ($6.99 Value)

If you have been waiting to nab Day One 2, the excellent sequel to the popular Day One, it’s now available for FREE from Apple. This newer version allows for multiple journals, plus posting of multiple images per entry, as just some of its new awesome features.

How to get Day One 2 for free?

All you have to do is open the Apple Store shopping iOS app, tap on the ‘Stores’ tab, scroll down to the first featured area, then swipe to the left twice, and you’ll find it. Tap ‘Download now for free’ and it’ll give you a promo code to redeem within the App Store.

IMG 0151 IMG 0152

Day One 2 launched last month and is currently still on sale for 50% off at $6.99 CAD. Getting the iOS version for free can help reduce the overall cost of the Mac version, which is $39.99 (update: apologies, $27.99 was the launch sale price). If you’ve been waiting to pick it up, now is the time!

Again—the app is not free in the App Store, but within the Apple Store iOS app, the one where you buy items from Apple, silly.