You Can Now Download Mario Kart Tour for iOS in Canada Ahead of Launch [u]

Mario kart tour ios

Apple has notified customers their pre-orders of Mario Kart Tour for iOS are now available for download, ahead of the highly anticipated game’s September 25, 2019, launch.

Push notifications were sent to iOS devices just minutes ago noting, “Your pre-order of Mario Kart Tour is now available.”

Mario kart tour ios

Along with the notification, an email was sent out to iOS customers:

The item you pre-ordered, Mario Kart Tour by Nintendo Co., Ltd., is now available. If you have set your iTunes preferences to automatically download prepurchased content, this item may already be in your library.

This item is already available on any computer or device for which you have enabled Automatic Downloads. If you have not enabled Automatic Downloads, you can download this item now from your Purchased page in iTunes.

While you can download Mario Kart Tour for iOS, you cannot play it yet. Launching the game shows a splash screen indicating the title won’t launch until September 25, 2019.

Mario kart tour maintenance

Mario Kart Tour is free to play but powered by in-app purchases. Users can buy “Rubies” ranging from $2.79 CAD for one, all the way up to $99 CAD for 135. That’s it, I’m sticking to Apple Arcade.


Nintendo announced back in August Mario Kart Tour would launch on September 25 for iOS and Android.

Click here to download Mario Kart Tour for iOS in the App Store.

Update Sept. 25, 2019: You can now play Mario Kart Tour. We played it once. It was alright but nothing mind-blowing.