Dropbox Launches Direct File Sharing Within Facebook Messenger for iOS


Dropbox has announced it has integrated direct sharing within Facebook Messenger for iOS. Starting today, all you need to do is tap the More button within Facebook Messenger to then see Dropbox as an option to share files from, such as files and photos. Videos and images shared will be displayed right within your chat timeline.

If you have Dropbox installed on your iOS device already, there’s no need to leave the Messenger app, saving you time.

Facebook messenger dropbox screenshots

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Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger, said in a statement  “We want people to communicate just the way they want to on Messenger, with everyone they care about,” adding “Giving our users the ability to share their Dropbox videos and images in Messenger threads with just a few taps will help them bring more style and personality to those conversations.”

Download links: Dropbox for iOS; Messenger for iOS