Fake IntelliScreenX App Makes Its Way into the App Store [PICS]

Just last week a fake version of SBSettings, a popular jailbreak tweak, made its way into the App Store. Now, it appears another knock off version of a popular jailbreak tweak has snuck past Apple into the store again. This time it’s a crafty fake of Intelliborn’s IntelliScreenX, normally available for $9.99 via Cydia. 

The misleading app is also titled IntelliScreenX, but it’s selling for a tempting $0.99. The description of the app, by a developer called “JB Solutions” describes the app as “IntelliScreenX – Notification Center the way it should be!” 

The iTunes reviews reveal it’s most definitely a scam–that’s after you read through a bunch of fake positive reviews of the app. But victims will realize after paying 99 cents, what they’ll get is just a crappy clock app, not IntelliScreenX.

Here’s what IntelliScreenX really looks like: 


…and here are the fake screens provided by the knock off in the App Store:

Intelliscreenx Intelliscreenx2

You can check out the fake IntelliScreenX here (just don’t download it). It will most likely be pulled soon, just like the fake SBSettings app.

Thanks @suttonmontreal