First Bitcoin Apps are Live in the App Store

The first app to use virtual currencies in the App Store is CoinPocket, reports Coindesk (via The Next Web). Earlier in June, Apple updated its guidelines, allowing “approved” virtual currencies in applications.

Coin Pocket iPhone

You may recall that Apple had banned Bitcoin wallet applications from the App Store, most notably the Coinbase and BitPak apps, which were essentially bank accounts for Bitcoin. The last Bitcoin wallet app was banned from the App Store back in February.

Since then, Apple has updated its App Store guidelines, allowing apps with “approved virtual currencies”. CoinPocket survived Apple’s crackdown on virtual-currency apps by being available as an HTML5 app inside mobile Web browsers, but now it is fully approved in the App Store.

Alongside CoinPocket, there is also eGifter, an app which recently received an update to accept Bitcoin as payment, and earlier this month Betcoin also appeared in the App Store.

Download CoinPocket, eGifter, and Betcoin from the App Store – they’re free!