Google Maps iPhone X Update is Coming Soon

Google has yet to update some of their most popular iOS apps, including Gmail, Hangouts, Google Play Music and Google Maps for the new iPhone X display. But now it is confirmed Google Maps for iPhone X is coming, as a build has been released for iOS beta testers, as shared by a user on Reddit.

Google maps iphone x

The forthcoming update also says “you can search for hotels and see specific prices by picking a date,” but there’s no guarantee this feature may be available worldwide.

Another beta tester also recently shared a screenshot of Google Maps on iPhone X, seen below:


In order to be a Google Maps iOS beta tester, one needs to be a Google Local Guide, at least Level 6.

Last week, Google announced an update to Maps, bringing new colour schemes for points of interest, coming out in the next few weeks.

For Apple CarPlay users, hopefully one day you will be able to use Google Maps as option, instead of Apple Maps.