Google Photos on iOS Now Supports Dark Mode

Google photos ios

If you use Google Photos for iPhone or iPad, the app was recently updated to support system-wide Dark Mode on iOS.

An update to the app yesterday stated, “Google Photos is now compatible with dark mode. Simply switch to dark mode in your device’s settings to apply it to Google Photos.”

We just gave this a whirl and yup, it works exactly as advertised. While Dark Mode support is now here for Google Photos, the feature still remains elusive for users of Gmail. While we had Dark Mode support for Gmail, it has since disappeared.

Dark Mode support for Google Photos means when you’re browsing images and videos at night time, the background of the app is black instead of white, making it easier on the eyes.

Google Photos is an excellent app to have as a secondary backup of your photos and videos, especially as storage is unlimited for the free Original quality tier (images up to 16MP; videos up to 1080p HD). It’s especially handy if you have an older iOS device with limited 16GB of storage. Once your images have been backed up to Google Photos, you can delete the images and videos off your device and keep making new ones (Google Photos has an option to guide you through this).

The search feature of Google Photos blows the Photos app from Apple out of the water. But of course, Google will also have your information, so there’s that to consider.

Click here to download Google Photos for iOS in the App Store.